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At TALENCE we are committed to supporting our clients in creating, developing and delivering their future growth ambitions. This comes from our passionate belief that to deliver real, sustainable success our solutions must be truly aligned to your corporate vision.  Through this our training is truly transformational.


As we support you on this journey it is rare to encounter a client that does not require some level trainee or leadership development or support. Whether this is developing future leadership talent within your business or supplementing their existing managements leadership skills or upskilling your existing consultants, at Talence we have a range of solutions and interventions that support every event. And if we don’t, well, then we harness our vast experience and create them.

Through discussions with your directors and senior leadership team plus asking potential delegates to complete a Training Needs Analysis we are able to accurately identify your teams Skills Gaps to design and generate a roadmap of training, developments and workshops specific to your team.

All our leadership programmes contain common themes/elements as well as custom client specific sessions.

From simultaneous training of teams in Cardiff, London and Hong Kong to creating, writing and delivering a new programme from scratch in 48 hours we have managed to overcome so pretty unique challenges which only adds to the excitement and fun.