Future of Talent

The future of work

and the future of talent recruitment are changing

At Talence Ltd, we are very positive about the future of work and the future of talent/recruitment the rate of change is accelerating leaving many employees concerned, confused and fearful about what the future holds for them their jobs, their security and the society in which we live.

The recent Coronavirus Pandemic has exacerbated and accelerated this process.

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We remain optimistic about the future at Talence, because the technological advancements being featured also possess the potential to help us solve many of the major issues facing mankind in the twenty-first century such as cheap sustainable energy, global skill shortages, an aging population, food and water security, inequality, lack of economic and employment opportunity and climate change.

It is our opinions that society must address these fears and make sure we harness these advancements to ensure that the whole of society globally benefits.

We at Talence Ltd are passionate about this topic and take a proactive role in sharing and promoting thought-leadership on the subject.

Our founder, Ian Knowlson, has become an internationally recognised subject matter expert on the Future of Work and Future of Talent/Recruitment and is ranked in the top 10 social media influencers on the subject by Onalytica .

Ian speaks regularly at conferences, undertakes video interviews, podcasts and shares blogs on the subject.

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