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Health & Wellbeing Programme

We all have mental health in the same way we all have physical health. It is only by talking about our mental health and it becoming the norm to do so, that we are able to collectively remove stigma for people to feel comfortable and able to reach out for the support they need.

Who can place a value on the benefit of having a healthy workforce?

The annual cost to employers of a workforce with poor mental health is estimated to be around £45bn, with well over half of the cost coming from Presenteeism and Leaveism. Possibly most shocking is every year 300,000 people with a mental health condition leave or lose their jobs.

I was one of the people in that statistic. After a period of chronic ill-health, anxiety got the better of me and I felt I had no choice but to leave my director level role at a global plc. 

Juggling work and three school aged children had taken it’s toll. Constantly living life in the fast lane was no longer an option. My body and my mind had had enough and I was effectively burnt out. Few, including myself, noticed the signs…but they were there.

My personal journey has made me passionate about sharing my story and helping businesses develop a culture that works towards removing stigma. An environment  promoting positive mental health in the workplace. Working with you to create a safe space, where people feel as comfortable talking about mental health as they do physical health and are aware of what support is available to them if and when they need it.

People are the most valuable asset a company can have and healthy minds mean healthy business!


The first step towards creating an effective mental health & wellbeing programme is to understand the factors affecting poor mental health and what employees want and need.

We conduct confidential surveys and facilitate focus groups, gathering and analysing valuable information about employee mental health & wellbeing and the factors contributing to this.

The results present a baseline from which to measure improvements and the insight needed to create a programme that makes the biggest difference to their lives and your business.


Creating a mental health & wellbeing strategy and plan can be daunting.

We are with you every step of the way and provide support in the production, implementation and communication of a mental health at work plan. 

Incorporating best practice from multiple sources such as The Thriving at Work’ Report, HSE, Mental Health at Work and MIND, the plan will be tailored to the needs of your workforce.


Only 49% of employees feel comfortable talking about their mental health with their line manager and only 24% of line managers have received any kind of mental health awareness training. Our training increases confidence, capability and awareness through:

Mental Health First Aid

A 2 day accredited course (MHFA England) which qualifies an individual as a Mental Health First Aider.

Attendees will learn how to spot the signs and symptoms of mental ill-health and how to assist someone who may be experiencing mental ill-health.

Mental Health Awareness for Managers

Our training provides managers with the skills and confidence to be able to identify and support someone with a mental health condition.

They will leave understanding the workplace factors affecting mental health, how to spot the signs of poor mental health and how to support colleagues with poor mental health.

Mental Health Awareness

A condensed session for all employees to raise awareness of mental health in the workplace including how to recognise distress in others and self-care.

Coaching and Therapy

Enable people to thrive by committing to ongoing coaching and therapy for individuals and groups:

Stress and Anxiety Management

Bite-size or longer sessions designed to encourage employees to take responsibility for their own mental health & wellbeing.

Techniques include identifying stressors and symptoms of stress and how to combat stress and anxiety through helpful coping mechanisms.

Resiliance Workshops

Equipping employees with the skills, tools and techniques to enable them to bounce back from difficulties and setbacks they may experience in the workplace or in their personal life.


Practising mindfulness can reduce stress, anxiety and improves concentration and learning.

Bite size mindfulness meditations can be immediately uplifting while more intensive sessions will provide attendees with an understanding of mindfulness and how to incorporate it into everyday life.


If you are interested in any of our training courses, please contact us directly here.