Train The Trainer


Train the Trainer Programme

This three day interactive programme is designed to provide the skills and knowledge to identify, plan and conduct training and coaching sessions.

This is a course in which the processes involved in delivering training are taught to people who want to become better trainers and who already have subject knowledge. It covers all of the fundamental processes involved for delivering successful training. It is a practical course and participants will have ample opportunity to develop their delivery skills and personal style and receive constructive feedback during two delivery sessions.

Who is it for?

The course is ideal for any in-house employee or independent trainer who has subject – specific skills and knowledge and wishes to train others. The course will cover the basics and so is suitable for novice trainers, it also develops over the 3 days to cover more advanced processes and therefore is also valuable for trainers with some experience wishing to develop further or experienced trainers wanting a refresher.

Who is it not for?

Experienced trainers wanting further development should enquire about advanced level training. Often this is better on a one-to-one coaching basis so that specific tailored development and feedback can be given.

Learning outcomes

Participants will learn about different leaning styles and use this to:

  • prepare their material and the learning environment
  • prepare themselves
  • optimise their personal delivery style,
  • connect with and engage their audience,
  • structure material for delivery to appeal to different learning styles,
  • facilitate exercises and review experiences
  • read the room and control the energy and the pace
  • give generative feedback
  • overcome stage pressure and turn anxiety into confidence
  • assess whether their training is effective

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