About Us


Businesses & People

At Talence we are passionate about transforming business and people’s lives through our skills, expertise and industry knowledge. Your business is nothing without your people and we understand that it is a perpetual challenge to find and retain the best talent.

Talence is here to support you for the whole journey from training your rookies to developing your executive teams because we realise that teams need to be built, nurtured and developed to thrive and achieve optimum performance in this dynamic fast-changing world.

We are your experts

Our Team share over 50 years’ experience within talent management, recruitment, sales, coaching training and development ; our experience has been harnessed into a rigorous approach to personnel growth and retention.

Our shared vision is not to offer “sticking-plaster” solutions for clients but to inspire organisations with an ownable, broad and scalable programmes of growth that is the foundation for Talence. We believe the key to success is empowerment, allowing companies to continue and sustain their growth long after our initial partnership.

The Talence team of expert coaches and trainers work globally to provide motivational and innovative training that has accelerated the performance of over 200 recruitment businesses within every sector and at all levels from trainee to board level.

We are committed to helping all our clients transform both their businesses and their lives.

Global Influencer

As well as being the founder of Talence, Ian is also a global influencer on the #Future-of-Work/Future-of-Talent/Recruitment working with leading brands such as IBM, Cisco, Sage and Salesforce.

Ian’s enthusiasm for coaching doesn’t end there, as a qualified FA coach he enjoys motivating people to be the best in their sporting endeavours, as well as in business.

Using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and management psychology, Ian is able to teach sales relationship skills that it takes others years to learn.