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Starting Friday 6th November 2020 at 12:30-13:00, discussing the mental wellbeing challenge of UK Lockdown 2.0,  Lysha Holmes director and founder of (Qui Recruitment) and Ian Knowlson  director and founder of (Talence) have teamed up to launch a Friday lunchtime show on the Recruiter-Zone .

Lively and positive personalities Lysha and Ian expect to bring energy, positivity and joy to the recruiters lives whilst tackling and discussing some of the most challenging topics and issues of our day.

Working from Home – A Mental Wellbeing Challenge

As we start another national lockdown (UK  Lockdown 2.0), Lysha Holmes and Ian Knowlson discuss this challenging topic with two of the industries leading experts on mental health/wellbeing Rhonda D’Ambrosio  founder of Mental Health in Recruitment and Joanne Quinn founder of With you in Mind.

The webinar provides CEOs, MDs, directors and recruiters with some practical solutions to the immediate challenges they and their teams will face whilst reflecting on the overall challenges of mental wellbeing in our industry.

Mental Health Challenge Guest shot
Mental Health Challenge Guest shot

Webinar Content

As LOCKDOWN 2.0 commences, we ran a quick poll with our audience of mainly recruitment leaders and consultants.

We asked them, where will you be working from 5th Nov til 2nd Dec.

  • 53% responded there was “no change” to their blended Covid safe office and Working from Home.
  • 47% are now Working-from-home (whether they like it or not).

During the spring lockdown, it was apparent that this had a negative impact on peoples mental health so the guests were asked

“What would your practical advice be for coping strategies to ensure there is no negative impact this time round.”

  • “Put your own oxygen mask on first”
  • “Set clear boundaries when WFH of what’s “work time” and what’s “home time.”

…were just two of the pieces of great advice the experts offered. The guests also discussed:

  • “How do we ensure our team members stay mentally well during lockdown 2.0?”
  • “How do business leaders protect their productivity whilst not compromising the mental health of their employees?”

Webinar Recording

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