Recently Ian Knowlson, our Founder, gave a webinar to APSCo-Members looking to move forward into the Post-Covid-workplace recruitment world.

In the webinar Ian discussed how the Covid-Pandemic had changed the World of Work and Talent Acquisition, probably forever. Ian considered the impacts this would have on the futureofwork and the futureoftalent.

Post-Covid Impact

The white paper is an analysis of Post Covid workplace. It considers the impact on recruitment, recruiters and talent acquisition sectors of the pre and post Covid changes that have and are occurring.

The report considers the future of work and future of talent, as well as looking at how this has impacted regional and global talent pools. It considers digital-transformation, urban and rural living and design, pre and post- Covid dynamics as well as the impact of mental health on those working from home #WfH.

Post-Covid Challenges

As a result it also looks at the challenges that businesses and recruiters will face in this post Covid world such as:

  • Brexit,
  • lack of high speed broadband,
  • the UK housing crisis,
  • domestic debt levels,
  • rising unemployment
  • national debt levels
  • IR35.

 Review you Business

Finally, it gives recruitment business owners a five-step process to making their business fit-for-purpose.  This involves  reviewing their:

  1. Business Model.
  2. Operating Model.
  3. Operating Platform.
  4. Three to five-year growth plans or exit strategies.
  5. Consider employing an NED or Business Coach.

If you would like to view the full presentation then you will find the event was recorded and can be viewed by clicking here:

You can download the white paper which accompanies the talk by clicking the link below:

White Paper

All of our clients that we have worked with during the Covid crisis and those we continue to work with, have made significant changes. Many have pivoted into, new markets, stolen significant market share from their competition, launched new successful products and reshaped and redefined their business, operating models’ platforms and growth plans.

As a result all these clients are now seeing record sales figures, profitability and or productivities.

The opportunity is there for you to join them.


We look forward to hearing your views and comments.


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