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This weeks Friday 13th November lunchtime show on RecruiterZone discussed Surviving Lockdown – How to Pivot Successfully. Lysha Holmes director and founder of (Qui-Recruitment) once again teamed up with our Ian Knowlson  (Director and founder of Talence) to discuss this weeks topic with their guests.

Surviving Lockdown – How to Pivot Successfully

As we start week two of national lockdown (UK  Lockdown 2.0), Lysha Holmes and Ian Knowlson discussed this challenging topic with two entrepreneurs who had successfully pivoted their businesses in the first lockdown in the spring of this year.

Daniel Cornwell, founder and MD of SPE Resourcing, a retail and hospitality recruitment company who discussed how he had successfully made changes to his operating-model and target clients in lockdown one. Dan succeeded in improve his business from trading at 50% down in profit to now (autumn) just close to break-even. When you consider the sectors that Dan’s business is operating in this is a terrific achievement.

Ashby Jenkins , founder and MD of Ashby Jenkins Recruitment, work exclusively on not-for-profit sector recruitment, which includes education, arts and heritage recruitment. AJ Recruitment work with a wide variety of specialisms within the sector including: fundraisers, innovation specialists, digital marketers, communication professionals. Ashby talked extensively about their growth. In addition how she pivoted her business to align to charities who were most active in lockdown and who needed active agency support.

Pivoting your Business
Pivoting your Business

The webinar provides CEOs/MDs/directors and recruiters with some practical solutions to the immediate challenges they and their teams will face. The guests also reflect on the overall challenges of surviving Lockdown 2.0.

Webinar Content

Once again this week’s guests offered terrific advice as well as those watching including:

  • Try everything and harness the ones that work. Forget the ones that didn’t.
  • Getting your people to go to war for us!
  •  Firm belief in yourself and don’t beat yourself up, if something doesn’t work keep trying new things and continually evolving
  • Pivoting and pivoting yourself
  • How the lockdown will drive the best practice within our industry in the longer term
  • Emotional intelligence both personally and professionally and that people will always remember how you made them feel and and looking after candidates who will then be more likely to become your clients at some stage
  • Be at peace the past and keep moving forward and learning with our ever changing landscape
  • Kindness always wins out
  • People always remember how you made them feel and not what you said
  • A Pint of G&T – solves most ills!

Thanks to Daniel Cornwell & Ashby Jenkins for being great guests – hugely inspiring!

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