Top 5 Recruitment Sectors for Growth Post-Covid

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Top 5 Recruitment Sectors for Growth Post-Covid

Earlier this year we published our Top 5 Recruitment Sectors for Growth in 2020

Top-5-Recruitment Sectors for Growth 

This is the latest edition in annual blog following our initial prediction seven years ago of the Top 5 Recruitment Sectors to be in for the next 5-10 years .

As we start the new decade our views on the key Top-five key sectors for growth have not changed too much:

      1. Information Technology
      2. Engineering
      3. Energy, Oil and Gas
      4. Healthcare
      5. Emerging Technology application

2020 has however been an exceptional year with the world going through a global pandemic for the first times since 1918 .

Post-Covid Changes to the Workplace

This has seen huge changes such as:

  • Working from home
  • Workplace transformation
  • Rural/Urban living
  • Leadership Transformation
  • Regional and Global Talent pools
  • Emphasis on Mental Well-Being
  • Digital Transformation,
  • Regionalisation of Logistics
  • Retail revolution

APSCo Webinar

Recently Ian Knowlson, our Founder, gave a webinar to APSCo-Members looking to move forward into the Post-Covid-workplace recruitment world.

In the webinar Ian discussed how the Covid-Pandemic had changed the World of Work and Talent Acquisition, probably forever. Ian considered the impacts this would have on the futureofwork and the futureoftalent.

Post-Covid Impact

The white paper is an analysis of Post-Covid workplace. It considers the impact on recruitment, recruiters and talent acquisition sectors of the pre and post Covid changes that have and are occurring

Click here to download our white paper on how we see these changes impacting the Future-of-Work and the Future-of-Talent.

Top 5 Recruitment Sectors for Growth Post-Covid

By popular request we have updated the blog to reflect these Post-Covid Impacts which see changes in our Top-Five-Sectors.  It now reflects which sectors we believe will offer the greatest opportunities for growth in the Post-Covid world 2020.

Check out this Loom Presentation with our revised Top Five.

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