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Talence are delighted to announce Mental Health First Aid training for the workplace is available from March 2021.

Fully accredited by Mental Health First England, you can become an advocate for your workplace by becoming a qualified Mental Health First Aider.

The Mental Health in the Workplace course is led by Talent Future’s Associate Joanne Quinn, an expert leader in Mental Health First Aid and corporate wellbeing.

The two-day course, which takes place online over four days, is designed to ensure you are equipped with the skills to:

• Understand the important factors affecting mental ill health

• Identify the signs and symptoms for a range of mental health conditions

• Understand the factors affecting poor mental health

• Assist someone who is experiencing mental health issues

• Listen non-judgementally and hold supportive conversations using the Mental Health First Aid action plan

• Use an MHFA action plan to aid someone experiencing a mental health issue

• Signpost people to professional help, recognising that your role as a Mental Health First Aider does not replace the need for ongoing support

Did you know:

• Every year 300,000 people with a mental health condition leave or lose their jobs.

• 1 in 4 people experience mental health issues each year
• At any given time, 1 in 6 working-age adults have symptoms associated with mental ill health
• Mental illness is the second-largest source of burden of disease in England. Mental illnesses are more common, long-lasting and impactful than other health conditions
• Mental ill health is responsible for 72 million working days lost and costs £34.9 billion each year
(Mental Health First Aid England)

Talence Director, Ian Knowlson says: “We are delighted to offer this course in partnership with Joanne Quinn, accredited by Mental Health First Aid England.

“Taking into consideration feedback from our networks, we concluded that now, more than ever, businesses should be working with internal colleagues to identify those who would be suitable champions for mental health advocacy in the workplace.

“After the success of our first cohort in February, it was decided to run another course for March, offering business and individuals alike, the opportunity to become Mental Health First Aiders in their workplaces.”

Joanne Quinn adds: “The first cohort of students via the Talence and external networks were highly engaged. The initial feedback suggests, there will be an increasing need for such courses now and as we move on into 2021.

“It is a pleasure to be working with different types of people and businesses to enhance their awareness of mental health issues and deliver training designed with current needs of workers in mind.

“I am very much looking forward to welcoming new learners to the March training.”

The next Mental Health First Aid course starts on 4th March 2021. You can find out more by visiting the Mental Health First Aid England website here

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