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COVID-19 – Free Coaching for Recruitment Business Owners

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, many recruitment businesses are facing unfamiliar challenges currently with large numbers of SME owners facing some very tough decisions.

Selling Success are reaching out to the recruitment community to offer our unique blend of knowledge, training and 35 years’ experience of working through similar crises, to provide completely FREE online coaching sessions every day, no-obligation and 100% confidential.

These can be used by Directors/Owners to:

      • Talk through concerns
      • Discuss business disaster recovery plans
      • Pivoting business models
      • Market conditions
      • Personal fears and worries
      • Business Growth Plans
      • Long Term challenges

Should owners have longer term concerns, issues or worries or require longer-term support, we are willing to look at various funding options including deferred payment schemes depending upon their business, turnover and the availability of our time.

Head Growth Coach Ian Knowlson, who will be delivering these sessions, along with others, says,

“It is undoubtedly a most worrying time for business owners and those in recruitment may have all kinds of legalities and ethics as priority concerns.

We feel it is important that the recruitment community comes together as one to help and support each other, our candidates, workers, clients and the nation during these difficult times.”

“Delivering these sessions is a ‘health-check’ for recruitment businesses, with an aim to helping you get through this period and come out even stronger and poised for the growth that will follow.”

To register your interest, email us directly:

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